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3D Scanner Galvo Head Scanner Accessory

3D Scanner Galvo Head Scanner Accessory

  • Quick Details:
  • Brand Name: Carman Haas
  • Application: CO2 Laser marking machine
  • Wavelength: 10.6um/10600nm
  • Aperture: 30mm
  • scanning angle: ± 12°
  • small angle time:  ≤0.8ms
  • Repeat accuracy: 10Urad
  • Power requirements: ± 28V
  • Output Interface: XY2-100
  • Operating temperature: 26℃ ±2.5℃
  • Marking Area: 450x450mm/ 550x550mm/ 650x650mm/ 1000x1000mm

3D Scanner Galvo Head Scanner For  Laser Marking and engraving Machine

The 3D scanning system includes multiple pieces of lenses, at least one movable lens will move during process, and the rest lens are used for focusing. The movable lens make the focus change to match the actual focusing length with different laser focusing location on the work place. It can ensure the laser always work with the real focus point on the work place. So it can make the focusing spot size alignment and uniformity. 

Large format , 3D curved three-axis dynamic marking platform

The series includes Z-axis dynamic focus unit: the moveable lens, multiple pieces focusing lens, galvo mirror, protective window and self-developed special control software and control board. High-speed digital galvanometer and optical dynamic axis control enable high-precision large-format marking and curved 3D marking.

Dynamic focus system model:


1. Flexible interface

2. 3D function

3. Large format

4. Focusing spot is small

5. Small drift

6. Scanning fast

Packing Detials:

Carman Haas Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.



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