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14 common fault solutions for scanning galvanometer and laser galvanometer

1. Trouble phenomenon: The driver board has no indication or the driver board smokes when it is started for the first time
Reason: The power is not connected or the polarity of the power is reversed;
Solution: Check whether the power supply wiring is correct.

2. Failure phenomenon: the red light on the drive board is always on;
Reason: bad contact between motor and drive board;
Solution: Check whether the connection between the motor and the drive board is firm.

3. Trouble phenomenon: After starting, the red light is on for a long time and there is a clicking sound;
Reason: limit protection occurred;
Solution: Check the input signal to see if the input signal amplitude is too large. If the input signal is normal, please contact our company.

4. Trouble phenomenon: The motor has a whistling sound after starting, and the motor heats up;
Reason: Whether the lens is firm;
Solution: Return to our company if the lens is loose.

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5. Failure phenomenon: Whether the connection between the sensor and the motor is intact;
Solution: Check the connection, if the connection is intact, please contact our company.

6. Failure phenomenon: the marking chart forms a straight line;
Reason: One axis of the galvanometer is not working;
Solution: Check whether the connections between the motor and the drive board, the D/A card output signal line and the drive board, and the power supply and the drive board are firmly in contact.

7. Trouble phenomenon: the marking line has wavy lines;
Reason: there is a problem with grounding;
Solution: Check whether the ground wire is well connected.

8. Trouble phenomenon: there is a strong interference source around;

solution: check whether there is a strong interference source around.

9. Fault phenomenon: poor anti-interference ability of control card;
Solution: Check the position signal output of the control card.

10. Failure phenomenon: The motor is noisy during the working process;
Reason: There is interference around;
Solution: Please check whether there are large interference devices around by yourself.

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11. Failure phenomenon: the square is a diamond;
Reason: light path deviation;
Solution: Adjust the optical path, but still cannot replace the galvanometer.

12. Failure phenomenon: the marking range does not meet the requirements;
Reason: The position signal ratio is incorrect;
Solution: First adjust the scale factor in the software. If it is not possible to adjust the scan range adjustment potentiometer on the drive board.

13. Trouble phenomenon: The laser energy becomes low or there is no laser output;
Reason: the lens film is damaged or the lens is broken;
Solution: Check the status of the lens.

14. Failure phenomenon: missing points when marking;
Reason: The laser energy is unstable or there is a pause during the pedaling process;
Solution: Repeat the test several times to see if the phenomenon still exists. If the position is different each time, please check the control system; if the position is the same each time, change the galvanometer to test.