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3C industry how to use laser marking machine

  Rich 3C electronic products play a variety of roles in people's daily life, provide information, give convenience, and even inspire everyone's creativity. Now many IT industries have to march into the field of 3C, 3C fusion technology products as a breakthrough in the development of the IT industry has become a new bright spot. In the product development, lighter, thinner and more portable is the designer's goal, which brought new materials, new technology continues to progress, and laser marking machine is 3C product manufacturing technology in the rapid development of representatives.

  As a leading laser industry leader, Schwab Laser strongly promote the use of laser marking machine in the 3C industry and provide industry-leading solutions.

  Laser marking
machine is the use of high-energy laser light on the workpiece for local irradiation, Jiaxin laser surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marking a marking method with marking accuracy, Fast, clear mark and so on. Compared with the traditional ink printing and printing ink has the following advantages:
Reduce production costs, reduce supplies, improve production efficiency;
Permanent marking, improve anti-counterfeiting ability;

  Increase the added value, you can make the product looks higher grade. Enhance product brand awareness

  Reliable equipment, laser marking machine has a mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance, continuous work 24 hours, laser maintenance-free time up to 20,000 hours or more. Temperature to adapt to a wide range (5 ℃ -45 ℃), widely used in various fields of production packaging;

  Environmental protection, safety, laser marking machine does not produce any chemicals harmful to humans and the environment. In line with GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standard. Is environmentally friendly high-tech products;

  The laser beam can be engraved on the product material with a very thin beam. The printing accuracy is very high, the control is accurate, the printing content is clearly and perfectly interpreted, the market competitiveness is very strong, and the environment is safe and safe. There is no corrosiveness and complete isolation The chemical pollution, the operator is also a caring protection, to ensure the production site clean and tidy, reducing the late investment and reduce noise pollution.