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Analysis of Q - switched Technology of Laser Marking Machine

  Laser marking machine system can be divided into continuous laser and pulsed laser two types, compared to continuous laser laser marking machine, pulsed laser type laser marking machine has a lower threshold conditions, the input pump energy In some cases, the pulsed laser can output higher pulse energy. If the pulse is energized with a larger pump energy than the original, the laser will output a higher peak, so that the laser marking machine core component laser is a super-pulsed laser.

  A laser marking machine using ultra pulse technology can achieve a relatively narrow pulse width with a relatively high power on a less costly basis, but it is necessary to obtain a very high peak power or a very narrow pulse width using a laser marking Choke Technology of Laser. Q-switched technique refers to the use of a method to make the loss factor in the cavity change according to the prescribed procedure. At the beginning of the pump, the optical cavity has a high loss factor, and the threshold value of the laser is increased. Resulting in laser oscillation, so the number of particles on the metastable state can be accumulated to the level, and then at the appropriate time to significantly reduce the loss of the cavity, the threshold will be reduced, and sometimes reverse the number of particles significantly exceeded the threshold, stimulated radiation Rapidly enhanced. So in a very short period of time, the upper energy level of the particles stored in the energy conversion will be laser energy to form a strong laser giant pulse output.

  Ultra-pulse laser marking machine's laser output pulse width is narrow, the peak power is high, the advantages of the application of high threshold requirements, thermal diffusion requirements of less material processing, such as glass, leather, ceramics and so on. Laser marking machine used in the thermal processing refers to the laser beam irradiation to the surface of the object, causing rapid heating, heat the object to change the characteristics of the material or melt the process of evaporation. Laser tooling process, the role of the laser energy on the material must be greater than the energy required to destroy the material, both to be greater than the material damage threshold.

  Due to glass, leather, ceramics and other materials, high damage threshold, and for the glass, the heat transfer into the energy of the glass in the uneven transmission, will produce thermal stress, the glass burst, for leather, the heat conduction energy Making the edge of the leather processing is burning, the ceramic, the ceramic is the outermost layer of enamel, the performance is equivalent to glass. So these materials must be ultra-pulsed working way of the laser marking machine.

  When the laser beam of the laser marking machine is projected on the material table, part of the energy is reflected, partially absorbed, and partially conveyed, depending on the material type and the laser marking machine wavelength. The amount of energy absorbed by the material in the light energy reaching the surface of the material is useful for material processing. Light energy is absorbed by the vibration of electrons and atoms, and is converted into heat and diffused to near atoms. As the laser marking machine absorbs more and more photons, the temperature of the material increases, increasing the light absorption proportion.