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Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Food Packaging

  Food safety has always been the State Administration of Supervision is very important to the problem, in the past events, food safety to our lives brought great trouble in the food this checkpoint, we must strictly guard, let us Of life a little more fun, less less qualified food.
So the new technology fiber laser marking machine in the food industry has become inevitable.

  Fiber laser marking machine in the food industry application Food packaging in the packaging industry is the highest requirements, but also with people's daily life is closely related, so it has been highly concerned about the people.
With the continuous improvement of living standards, people in the growing spending power at the same time, the requirements for the packaging is also constantly strengthened. In fact, the packaging of food on food sales have a role can not be ignored, after all, everyone likes to look beautiful, easy to use things ... ...

  In the field of consumer goods industry, packaging has been a special concern is an important aspect, especially food safety is the most important food packaging. However, while paying attention to food safety and packaging exquisite appearance, people often overlooked a lot of details, such as ignoring the people in the open food packaging feel. To the most commonly used sealed packaging, often have problems, and sometimes even cause some minor injuries.

  At present advanced laser technology gives us the solution to the problem, the laser system can do the choice of flexible packaging in a separate film layer to be crossed.
This is achieved to achieve the perfect package of flexible tearing effect, and to maintain the integrity of the film, making the outer film intact without damage, so as to effectively prevent the package of goods see the light and moisture problems. Now the advanced fiber laser marking machine system is completely free to cross the line in accordance with the free combination, such as the current lot of snack packaging used in accordance with the packaging on the outline of the printed pattern to draw the design style, such a crossed way Is the advantage of the laser scribing system.

  Also when the packaging belt needs to have holes, the laser system can do "ventilation preservation" of the packaging, which is currently the world's leading technology, through the punch can increase the packaging of goods within the shelf life, or to meet the product by microwave The pressure on food packaging after heating.

  Now, the laser perforation line has been able to achieve the effect of tearing the entire package along the dotted line. Unlike screw tools such as screwdrivers or presses, laser work does not require direct contact, and only minimal wear and tear can provide the best possible machining method.
Application of laser scribing technology:

  Laser scribing is a technique that uses a laser to achieve "easy to rip" effects on multilayer composite packaging materials. Traditional tools tend to draw too much of the line, causing the composite layer of the product to be damaged; or the scribe too light, so that consumers need to spend a lot of effort to tear the packaging.