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Application of Laser Technology in Mobile Phone

  Mobile phone has long been an indispensable personal items in daily life. A smartphone that enables instant messaging, taking pictures, using APP, playing games and even paying for all the features of the purchase. And you know? "Laser" as an advanced processing technology, in the mobile phone manufacturing process has played a pivotal role!

  Laser Marking

  Laser marking is the use of high-energy density of the laser parts of the workpiece, so that the surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent marking of a marking method, with high precision, fast, clear mark And so on. Mobile phone laser marking this permanent marking method, can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, but also increase the added value, so that the product looks higher grade, more brand sense.
  On the phone we can find the laser marking the shadow everywhere, such as: Logo marking, cell phone keys, cell phone shell, cell phone batteries, cell phone jewelry marking, etc., even in your invisible cell phone, there are parts laser Standard

  laser cutting

  Laser cutting can be metal or non-metallic parts and other small parts for precision cutting or micro-processing, with high cutting accuracy, speed, heat and other advantages of small. The main laser cutting process on the phone are: sapphire glass phone screen laser cutting, camera protection lens laser cutting, mobile phone Home key laser cutting, FPC flexible circuit board laser cutting, cell phone handset laser drilling and so on.

  Laser welding

  Laser welding is the use of high-energy density of the laser beam as a heat source, so that the surface layer of molten material and then solidified into a whole. Heat affected area size, weld aesthetics, welding efficiency, etc., is to determine the welding process is an important indicator of good or bad. Chinese laborer laser precision laser welding machine main processing objects for parts, precision instruments and other small parts, high precision welding, one, split and other welding supporting table for a variety of options.

  LDS laser direct molding

  Today, LDS laser direct molding technology has been widely used in the manufacture of smart phones, the advantage is that through the use of laser direct molding technology marking the antenna shell on the antenna trajectory, whether it is straight, curve, as long as the laser can go to Can create 3D effects, to the greatest degree of savings in mobile space, and can adjust the antenna track at any time. In this way, the phone will be able to do more thin, more refined, stability and shock resistance is also stronger.
  Personal electronic devices represented by mobile phones are greatly changing and facilitating people's lives, functionalization, intelligence and smart beauty is the direction of mobile phone development. With the microelectronics industry, technological progress and personal pursuit of mobile phones, fine laser processing technology will play an increasingly important role in mobile phone manufacturing. At the same time, the laser is also promoting the development of other microelectronics manufacturing related industries.