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Application of laser marking technology on mobile phones

The development of laser marking machines has been recognized by many industries, and its application range is becoming more and more extensive, and mobile phone manufacturing is of course no exception. 70% of the links in mobile phone processing and manufacturing are applied to laser technology and laser manufacturing equipment. Especially in recent years, the development of high-power, high-energy UV marking machine, deep UV and ultrafast laser processing technology has promoted the development of smartphone manufacturing technology. This is related to the nature of laser technology and the nature of precision manufacturing of mobile phones. On the one hand, because the laser has outstanding features such as high power density, good directionality, cleanliness, high efficiency, and environmental protection.

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With the rapid development of smart phones, the functions and even the appearance of mobile phones have become almost the same in many cases. How to enable consumers to clearly recognize their own brand has become one of the primary concerns of mobile phone manufacturers.

So what are the characteristics of the "marking" of the laser marking machine on the mobile phone?

Laser marking is to print various symbols, characters, patterns, etc. with extremely fine light spots. Since the laser beam is zoomed again, the light spot becomes smaller, the heat effect area is small, and the processing is accurate, so it can complete some routines that cannot be completed. realized process.

1. It can be used on all accessories related to mobile phones, such as: mobile phone shells, mobile phone batteries, chips, headphones, chargers, etc., and can be used in a wide range.

2. Since the production of a mobile phone consists of many parts, merchants can use a variety of laser machines for marking work at the same time, such as ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine, etc.

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3. It can ensure that the logo, strings, graphics and other information of mobile phone parts are clear and clear, and have the advantages of high production and processing accuracy, high efficiency, low cost, no consumables, and environmental protection.

4. It can ensure that the "mark" is accurate and durable, does not fade, and plays a certain anti-counterfeiting role.

5. The marking process is non-contact processing, which will not cause negative scratches and friction, and will not cause extrusion or crushing.