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Bicycle digital manufacturing tour: small parts also laser processing

  Hope Tech is the famous British high-end bike spare parts brand, beautiful, durable, stable, reliable seems to have become a synonym for hope, and self-sufficiency is the most appropriate description of hope, even the smallest bolt is also in their CNC lathe manufacturing, 24 hours a day running, cutting, grinding, polishing; each process processing standards have reached the industry's top level.
  Hope disc brake to 2mm stainless steel-based, is used in advanced bicycle accessories dedicated laser cutting machine. Before they use the CO2 laser cutting machine, but because of CO2 laser cutting and cutting metal will appear dross, edge oxidation and other issues, and gas, electricity consumption is very large, high maintenance costs. As a result, Hope will replace the disc cutting tool with a technically mature fiber laser cutting machine.
  On the other hand, the fiber laser cutting machine is basically maintenance-free, the operating cost is lower, the cutting edge of the disc brake is smooth, the cutting speed of the optical fiber is 3 times higher than that of the fiber, No burr, no edge trim, processing better.
In the United States a large part of the parts by the laser technology to build the bike, its designers ride the bike, after the beach, grass, road ... ... a variety of different environments, and finally completed from Las Vegas to San Francisco 1000 km ride.
  Such as bike decomposition diagram shows that its 70% of the parts from the laser 3D printing, bike foot crank is aluminum laser cutting technology, grip sleeve is leather laser cutting technology. Using laser technology, when some parts of the lack of performance and damage, the two designers understand the first-hand information and adjust the design and material, so as to quickly produce the best bicycle parts.