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CARMANHAAS Laser Welding System of Hairpin


CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd established in February 2016, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, inspection, application testing and sales of laser optical components and optical systems.

Laser Welding Factory China CARMAN HAAS closely follows the application market of the laser industry and maintains close communication and cooperation with all customers in the laser industry, including laser welding of hairpin and new energy vehicles battery,  laser cleaning of consumer lithium battery, Laser scribing of solar photovoltaic cells, Laser additive manufacturing (3D printing), etc.

1. Laser welding application in the production line of hairpin stator

Production process of hairpin stator

2. Laser Solution of hairpin stator welding

CARMAN HAAS Laser System
Laser: IPG or Customized
Power: 6kW / 8kW
Galvo Model: CHS30
CCD  Software

Laser System Specifications:

Option: 1
Laser: IPG/Customized 6kW Multimode laser
Galvo: Model: CHS 30
Laser Core Diameter: 50μm

Option: 2
Laser: IPG/Customized 8kW Ring laser
Galvo: Model: CHS 30
Laser Core Diameter: 50/ 150μm

•   Working Area:180*180mm;
•   Single shot range 2 slots;
•   Welding immediately after taking pictures, no servo motion mechanism, low production cycle

3. Intelligent application of laser welding vision for hairpin stator

Visual capture efficiency and stability beofre laser welding

Visual System:
•   Equipped with 6 million pixel high-resolution industrial camera, coaxial installation, can eliminate errors caused by tilted installation, the accuracy can reach 0.02mm;
•   Can be matched with different brands, different resolution cameras, different galvanometer systems and different light sources, with a high degree of flexibility;
•   The software directly calls the laser control program API, reducing the time to communicate with the laser and improving system efficiency;
•   Pin clamping gap and angle deviation can be monitored, and the corresponding welding procedure can be automatically called for the deviation pin;
•   The pins with excessive deviation can be skipped, and repair welding can be carried out after the final adjustment.

Intelligent trajectory of laser vision

•   With a variety of visual tools, flexible solutions, easy to customize, you can grab points, lines, circles, ellipses and their complex graphics;                                           
•   For pins with a slightly larger fit gap, you can visually skip the gap, and then continue welding after the gap is fused.

4. Difficulties and solutions for laser welding of hairpin stator

Laser welding spatter

Plasma cloud suppression (Ring Air Knife)

5. Excellent welding quality

The flow area of the welding is more than 1.5 times that of the base material

Appearance of welding with different defocus

Advantages of  hairpin stator laser welding


1、  For the hairpin stator laser welding industry, Carman Haas can provide  one-stop solution;
2、  Self-developed welding control system can provide different models of lasers on the market to facilitate customers' subsequent upgrades and transformations;
3、  For the stator laser welding industry, we have established a dedicated R&D team with rich experience in mass production。

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