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CO2 laser cutting technology in the mobile phone film cutting applications

  With the advent of the mobile Internet era, the popularization and explosive growth of smartphones have made consumers increasingly demanding the quality of smartphones and the related accessory processing has become increasingly sophisticated. As a frequently used film on mobile phones, the cutting accuracy of the processing technology put forward new requirements.

  Mobile phone film industry needs of precision cutting

  Mobile film cutting precision technical requirements, making manufacturers have adopted laser technology for cutting. Currently, the best cost-effective laser cutting technology on the market is CO2 laser cutting technology. Using advanced CO2 laser, excellent optical mode and optical path design to form a more perfect light spot, reduce the heat affected zone, can cut high quality mobile phone film products (PET protective film, display panel).

  CO2 laser cutting technology unique advantages, making it more suitable than UV laser cutting film precision cutting, but also to better meet the needs of the IT industry precision machining.

  CO2 laser cutting technology advantages

  Technology is expanding in recent years in the field of laser technology development, its advanced CO2 laser technology, high speed, high precision, safe, reliable, cutting quality, high quality, stable performance; in contrast with the industry, with a variety of unique technical advantages. With ± 0.005mm repeat positioning accuracy and ± 0.05mm of the comprehensive processing accuracy, the use of advanced imported CNC system to ensure that the high-quality technology to meet the various types of mobile phone film precision machining needs of non-metallic thin-film laser precision machining Field experts.