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Cell phone and laser wife and wife love deep

Light in many people's eyes is abstract and indescribable, and mobile phones have become inseparable from the people's partners, this article for everyone to visually show the inextricable relationship between the phone and the laser, a cell phone, there are laser shadow everywhere.

Handset manufacturing laser processing technology for small metal or non-metallic parts and other small parts for precision cutting or micro-hole processing, the use of light energy through the lens focus in the focus to achieve high energy density, by photothermal effect to processing.

Phone appearance

At present, most manufacturers of mobile phone cases adopt plastic and aluminum alloy housings, and laser marking, laser drilling and laser cutting are common in mobile phone housings.

1.laser marking

Laser marking is a very common device in the laser industry that uses a laser of high energy density to locally irradiate a workpiece to vaporize the surface material or to undergo a color changing chemical reaction leaving a permanent mark Engraving method, with high precision, fast speed, clear mark and so on. Mobile phones using laser marking this permanent marking method can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, but also increase the added value of the product looks higher grade, more sense of the brand.
Such as: Logo marking, cell phone keys, cell phone case, cell phone batteries, cell phone accessories, etc., even inside the phone you can not see, there are parts laser marking.

2.laser drilling

In the early mobile drilling equipment using the mechanical drilling mode, after the introduction of laser technology, the quality of its cutting quality and efficient speed, greatly reducing labor costs. Laser technology with maintenance-free, easy to operate, non-contact processing of non-consumables, saving production costs, which manufacturers to shorten the production cycle and cost savings and industrial automation process is undoubtedly the best choice. The advantage of using laser drilling is smaller hole diameter, without the need for subsequent processing one-time molding.

3.laser cutting

The laser cutting technology in the mobile phone case is mainly the cutting of the shell and the cutting of the screen glass. The laser cutting technology is used a little more on the screen cutting. Many companies in the shell adopt one-time forming technology and machining technology, Apple's cell phone case is in a single piece of thick aluminum material by stamping, layer by layer to remove that piece of the groove.

Phone inside

The inside of the phone is something we would not normally see, but these seemingly simple components are used and its complex technology, but also focus on the most advanced technology.

We all know that the internal phone is a lot of electronic components concentrated to the circuit board technology, and as consumers increasingly demanding mobile phones, mobile phones also do more and more light, the requirements for FPC soft board The higher, then inside the cell phone will be used in what common laser process?

1.Laser Marking

Mentioned in the previous list of several applications in the shell, and in the same phone inside the use of marking technology. A mobile phone manufacturer can not be achieved from the upstream link to the production and sales by a company full control, are purchased from other companies of electronic components, assembled using advanced technology, then the sales of electronic components companies and circuit boards Companies will also mark the logo on their products and some text that describes the product uses, simple parameters, etc., such as chip factory, battery factory, as shown below.

Circuit board two-dimensional code marking

Cell phone battery marking

2.laser cutting

Laser cutting technology in the current cell phone manufacturing process is very common, with the previous case laser cutting technology is different, here is the UV UV laser cutting technology, mainly cutting FPC board, PCB board, hard and soft Combination of plate and cover film laser cutting windows and so on.

Mobile camera soft board cutting

Mobile phone panel board cutting

Cover the membrane window laser cutting

3.Laser drilling

Mobile phone PCB laser drilling is divided into through holes and blind holes, cutting-edge semiconductor applications.

Hole: PlatingThrough Hole PTH for short, this is the most common one, you just pick up the PCB against the light, you can see the light of the hole is the "through hole." This is also the simplest kind of hole, because the production time as long as the use of drill or laser directly to the circuit board to do full drilling on it, the cost is relatively cheaper. On the other hand, some circuit layers do not need to connect these through-holes, so through holes are cheap, but some PCBs are sometimes used more.

Blind hole: Blind Via Hole, connect the outermost circuit of the PCB with the adjacent inner layer with a plated hole, which is called blind because it can not see the opposite side. In order to increase the PCB circuit layer space utilization, came into being "blind hole" process. This production method requires special attention to the depth of drilling (Z axis) to just right, not the law will often cause plating holes difficult so almost no manufacturers to adopt; can also be required in advance to connect the circuit layer in the individual circuit layer When drilling a good hole, and finally glued together, but the need for more precise positioning and alignment device.

4.Laser etching

Laser etching is mainly laser screen glass mobile phone. Its role is in a piece of conductive material, through the laser etching process, to be isolated, the high precision of this process, the human eye is unrecognized, you need to use a magnifying glass to see, the etching accuracy is normal A fraction of the diameter of the hair. Zoom in the microscope as shown below:

Laser-etched samples

5.Laser welding

Welding process is mainly used in the back of the phone welding, the use of high-energy laser beam material surface melting and then solidified into a whole. Heat affected zone size, weld aesthetics, welding efficiency is an important indicator to judge the welding process is good or bad.

Laser welding samples

The laser technology used in mobile phone manufacturing process is very extensive, the process is not limited to the listed in this article, there are more advanced laser technology, such as tuner, lobes, activation and so on. Of course, laser technology is just a small part of cell phone technology, there are other more technology exists.