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Classification of laser marking machine laser

  The laser / magnified light source can produce high-intensity monochromatic light seen by the human eye. The laser / magnified light source also has the same interference, that is, the phases of all the light waves are the same as each other, and the light with interference is much more dangerous than the same wavelength and intensity, The collimated beam or the light beam emitted from the exit hole is less dangerous even if it is far from the light hole.

Classification of laser marking machine laser

  Below we briefly introduce the classification of laser systems. The laser system is classified according to the wavelength and output power used by the end user during the course of work. This classification can also be considered as a classification of the degree of danger to the laser system. The classification criteria are determined by the emission wavelength, the output power and the beam characteristics. Classification starts at level 1 and is divided into four levels. The higher the classification level of the laser system, the greater the degree of danger. Laser level is usually used in the Roman numerals marked on the laser system, the product is generally labeled with a classification label, the label in addition to text warning, but also includes the wavelength, the total output power, laser classification and other information.


  A laser is a safety laser, the series of laser in normal use without harm to the health of the product used to prevent the staff in the work process into the laser radiation area of ​​the design.


  Secondary laser system refers to the small power, visible laser, the user with the eyes of the light blink reflex can protect themselves, but if the direct look for a long time will bring danger. The secondary laser needs to post the "warning" sign.

Three levels

  3a-level laser system also need to post "warning" signs, and sometimes need to post "dangerous" signs. If only a short time to see, then the human eye on the exclusion of light will play a protective role. Damage may be caused by the use of a condenser device, such as when the optical device is adjusted. The 3b-class laser system may cause damage if viewed or viewed from the secondary beam. Normally, the series of lasers do not cause damage after being reflected by the matte surface. The series of systems are generally labeled "dangerous" signs, although they are harmful to the eyes, but cause a fire or burn the skin less dangerous. It is recommended to wear eye protection when using this series of lasers.


  The four-level system has damage to the eyes and skin, direct reflection, secondary reflection and diffuse reflection can cause harm. All four laser systems are marked with a "dangerous" sign. Class 4 laser can also damage the laser area or near the material, ignite the flammable substances. It is recommended to wear eye protection when using this series of lasers.