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Current situation and application trend of domestic fiber laser industrial chain

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-29
  It is well known that optical fiber laser has become one of the main industrial lasers in the world.Compared with semiconductor lasers, solid-state lasers and CO2 lasers, fiber lasers have more than 50 percent of the global industrial market.

Global industrial laser sales steady growth(Industrial Laser Solutions)
  The chart above shows the growth trend chart of the annual global Industrial Laser sales figures published annually by Industrial Laser Solutions in 1995-2015.Can be seen from the graph, in addition to the 2009 financial crisis, sales declined, the 20 years since 1995, industrial laser has maintained steady growth, especially since 2012, gain increased.The most important factor is the substantial increase in the market share of optical fiber lasers
  According to data, fiber lasers accounted for only 11% of global industrial laser sales in 2010, but by 2015, fiber lasers accounted for more than 50% of global market share.
  The growth of optical fiber lasers is once again leading the way, according to the company's first quarterly results in 2017 (as of March 31).The IPG was up 38 per cent year-on-year.The Chinese market is particularly marked, with a year-on-year increase of 89% in the first quarter and rapid growth in the use of laser cutting and welding.