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Domestic laser industry needs more confidence

In recent years, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Motors, Takada and other large Japanese companies fake scandals, Japan repeatedly broke a few scandals, from 2015 onwards, there have been rumors of Japanese giants came the fake, for example, in October 2015, Japan Rubber companies have been exposed, not only the problem of quake-free rubber, anti-vibration rubber for railway and ship are also frequent data tampering. These frequent cases enough to impact the image of the Japanese brand, also said that Japan's good?

In the past 80 years, the Chinese envy foreign color TV sets, private cars can afford to buy ... ... the past, the impunity of China's poverty! However, since the reform and opening up in China, there have been very good innovations in a large number of domestic industries. Many companies are doing very good, leading the world trend, you can do to "make the aircraft fly higher, the car ran farther." In the past Japan's Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony and other home appliance companies dominate China, and now basically have to withdraw from the Chinese market. As a developing country, every minute and every second of China is constantly advancing and changing! In many ways, China should be proud of being equal or superior to the developed countries. A word, as long as the Chinese want to do, can not be done. First of all, we want to thank this peaceful era, and secondly, we need a little bit of time.

The first lasers in China and the United States were invented in the early 1960s. Laser applications were started in Europe and the United States in the 1970s. However, due to the political instability in our country, laser research was also affected, let alone carrying out exploration and application It's Since the 1990s, our country began the batch application of laser processing and manufacturing, 20 years later than the European and American countries. Based on the laser manufacturing industry, our lasers, large-scale laser equipment, precision laser equipment are from scratch, gone through the study and imitation to the path of independent innovation, the development of the Chinese laser industry for all to see. At present, China's laser research and scientific research in other countries in the world have been similar, and even some areas beyond the other countries.

Laser technology, both from research and development team, research and development investment, research and development have reached a higher level and scale. For example, the developed lasers cover various wavebands and time domains currently required for laser manufacturing, some of which have reached the international advanced level in technology. In addition, China is better than other countries in terms of application, because the Chinese market is very good Large, is the world's factories, especially in the leading private-led enterprises in the rapid promotion of laser applications driven by market demand, the state also for the development of advanced manufacturing industry has given great support. Therefore, the development of the entire industry is particularly fast, China should be proud.

At present, the laser industry in China is developing rapidly. Every year many new entrants join the laser manufacturing industry. This not only promotes the development of the laser industry but also helps the manufacturing industry to be optimized and replaced. With the current development momentum, China's manufacturing industry into the optical manufacturing era, may be completed in 3-5 years time.

From laser marking and small laser welding applications, China's penetration will not be lower than the developed countries in the world. On the current laser equipment point of view, the marking machine is basically a world-made laser, the laser cutting machine below 2000 watts are also mass-produced domestic laser, and in the low-end laser products market share localization trend Continuous. In these areas, it has been no exaggeration to say that China has risen to the level of the era of "optical manufacturing." With the overall deepening of the transformation and upgrading of China's economic structure, the vigorous development of the Chinese laser industry and the foundation laid these years, high- Equipment and sophisticated laser applications are also rapidly evolving.

Therefore, we in China need a little more national confidence. We ourselves have very good things, which are often not understood, not recognized, or even misread. We need to change. Only China can create a real spring, and the era of "light manufacturing" can lead a better tomorrow.