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Efficiency and effect of the wonderful collision: fiber laser marking machine

  Metal products industry is booming, is the product of China's industrial development, China's usher in the advanced industrial manufacturing technology to lay the foundation for fiber laser marking machine will be the efficiency and effect of a wonderful collision for the metal products industry to bring new Spark. Fiber laser marking machine marking technology to become the cause of the new manufacturing of metal products:

  The first metal parts of a wide range, the number of less, and even some need to be customized according to customer needs. Due to a variety of factors, the traditional multi-standard marking machine can not meet the processing needs, laser marking does not fade advantage, marking speed, high efficiency in a short time to lead the market development.

  Second, there are many in the metal products industry, the accuracy of the requirements of the fine marking effect has a higher demand. The traditional inkjet marking machine is far from high precision marking effect.

  Third, with the improvement of living standards, public aesthetic standards are also improving, requiring metal products not only practical, but also beautiful. Metal products manufacturers in order to achieve the perfect marking effect, to abandon the use of traditional ink coding processing methods and use of laser marking method.

  In the field of metal products manufacturing, fiber laser marking machine is widely used in product identification, date code, serial number marking and so on. In the past, these marks were achieved by mechanical engraving, chemical corrosion, and ink coding. Among them, the pros and cons of the pros and cons. Mechanical engraving requires font, material loss is greater. Chemical corrosion may leave corrosive traces where corrosion is not required, causing scrapping of the entire sheet. Ink code, low precision, at room temperature and heat conditions are easy to fade. However, fiber laser marking machine is able to achieve accurate marking, leaving the never-ending beautiful mark.