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Energy conservation and environmental protection have new recruit laser marking label fruit

  The British retailer marks and spencer introduced a new method for laser marking to tag avocado, hoping to reduce the waste of paper.From using paper sticky labels to use laser printing, can save 10 tons a year label & back lining paper, adhesive and 5 tons.
  After harvesting the avocado in the country of origin, and carries on the classification according to its source, then transported to the UK.Upon his arrival, ripe avocados are put kindergarten plate on the conveyor belt, then the information marked by laser machine.
  Laser marking will be in avocado outer logo printed on the retailers, the best edible date, country of origin and cashier coding.M&S, claimed that the strong light on the fruit skin, also can make the most outer layer of the peel off only fade, for fruit and not destructive, and operations can be very precise.
Fruit technology, experts say, "given all the practice on the avocado is very successful, we can put the laser tag technology to a variety of other fruits and vegetables.We will have the opportunity to reduce packaging waste at the speed of index times, this is very exciting."
  In recent years, the application of laser marking technology in fruit more and more widely, some imported fruit or a certain brand of local fruit, in order to highlight the brand consciousness, the label will be in the fruit surface, indicating the information such as brand, producing area.And this kind of label easy to tear or fraud, laser marking technology can be conducted on the skin, not only won't destroy the inside of the fruit pulp, and can have anti-counterfeit effect, unique and has a new idea.