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Factors affecting the quality of CO2 laser cutting

1 Incentive mode.Carbon dioxide laser is used to stimulate carbon dioxide gas by electrode, which can be divided into dc excitation and rf excitation according to the installation position of metal electrode.
2 laser frequency.Laser output pulse output and continuous output, used for cutting and welding laser mainly adopts pulse output mode, the main influence of cutting speed and pulse frequency incision roughness, to obtain high speed cutting, high frequency is necessary.At present most of the carbon dioxide laser frequencies produced by most manufacturers are within 5000Hz.
3 beam divergence Angle.From the strict sense, no part of laser beam divergence Angle, but because of the laser mode had a great influence on the far field divergence Angle, so we put it here.The effect of beam divergence Angle on cutting quality is reflected in the width and slopeof the incision. The smaller the width of the Angle of divergence, the smaller the width, and the lower the slope, the higher the quality.
4 laser mode.It is one of the most important indexes of laser quality.Can be divided into single mode, base mode and multi-mode.The base mode is tem-0, which is 0 in both X and Y, so it is an ideal dot.The laser with TEM00 mode can obtain the smallest beam diameter, and the minimum cutting speed and faster cutting speed are obtained in the cutting process because of its small light spot.In the x and y direction, the multi-mode is the non-zero index, and its beam quality is poor, which is generally used only for welding and not cutting.
5 Laser cutting machine, laser power.Including peak power, energy stability and other elements.The thickness of different power in cutting of metal sheet is different. For example, 4KW laser can cut 20mm thick carbon steel plate, or 15mm stainless steel 10mm aluminum alloy.The laser above 5KW can cut the carbon steel of 25mm thick, and the stainless steel can reach 20mm.Another indicator of power is power stability, excellent cutting quality, must be excellent incision throughout.Long-term production is also a very important test for lasers.The dc excitation laser has been burned by the electrode, resulting in the power attenuation in the long working condition.In addition, due to the lubrication of the vacuum pump and turbine pump of some lasers, the lube oil pollutes the laser resonator and reduces the life of the laser.