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Featured! Violet laser marking machine affect the price of four major factors

With the increase in ultra-fine processing market, the demand for purple laser marking machine also will rise, and all kinds of marking machine manufacturers after another, each of the purple laser marking machine prices are also different, and some Even far behind, the price of violet laser marking machine which factors affect the following Jin Bian laser Xiaobian to share with you.

1.the production process, the level of technology lead to different prices

Due to the different domestic and foreign markets, laser marking machine in the production process of their production technology, different technical levels, which also led to different manufacturers of laser marking machine price gap, in general, imported laser marking machine More excellent equipment prices reached one hundred thousand, cheap purple laser marking machine prices are more than seventy thousand yuan, while the domestic obviously a lot cheaper.

2.the quality of the configuration affects the price

Different configuration of the natural price is different, the price based on the configuration of qualitative or qualitative. Good laser accessories to the laser marking machine to bring good advantages, good laser quality for the intake of the light source does not require crystal technology as strict position matching, uniform automatic absorption of optoelectronic; laser application also for the whole Of the power consumption is reduced, so lower heat and loss and low-energy heat will not damage anything; the output of the energy can be divided into more energy and increase the coordination of rows for multi-beam Coordinate and concentrate on work; the requirements on the environment are also lower; the tolerance to dust and temperature can be qualified for a variety of environments;

3.different models affect the price

In the purchase of violet laser marking machine, first of all need to be marked on the product material, material, type, type, and whether the need to meet the pipeline production methods. First through the analysis of these points to judge as a suitable marking machine, considering this factor is not only able to better meet the marking requirements, but also to avoid unnecessary capital investment. Now common laser marking machine can be divided into: carbon dioxide, fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine and many other models, different models, different materials, their prices are different.

4.see the quality service.

General purple laser equipment shelf life of one year, so the price relative to other laser equipment company for some discount; some laser company is shelf life of three years, but most of the life of laser machinery are within two or three years;
The above is the summary of the impact of the Jin Bofang laser marking machine price four major factors! However, it is recommended that you buy laser marking machine, do not simply consider the price, but also consider the brand, quality, sale and other factors. We recommend that users simply understand the basics of purchasing before choosing a laser machine and then choose the laser machine that best suits the product to be identified with your supplier.