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Fiber laser cutting machine auto focus and manual focus

Before laser cutting, in order to obtain a better cutting effect, the focus of the laser beam will be adjusted to different positions according to the situation, which we call focusing.

In the early application of fiber laser cutting machine, the function is limited, focusing can only be manually adjusted manually, and there is no automatic focusing function. Manual focusing has certain requirements on the technical level of the operator, and a little carelessness in the operation will have an impact on the accuracy and production efficiency of the product.

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With the continuous improvement of production requirements, laser technology has gradually matured. The advent of new laser heads has changed the traditional manual focusing mode. The automatic focusing has successfully replaced the traditional focusing mode, and the new automatic focusing cutting head has been obtained. It is widely used.

Auto-focus laser cutting head has a higher advantage in cutting sheet metal. Compared with ordinary manual focusing laser cutting head, it has higher cutting precision and better cutting effect. The important thing is that focusing is very convenient and time-saving during the adjustment process.

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The piercing focus of the manually adjusted cutting head cannot be adjusted, and the piercing focus is the same as the cutting focus. When piercing thick plates, the energy is insufficient and the piercing speed is slow. The auto-focusing cutting head can automatically adjust the focus during perforation, adjust the size of the focus during perforation, increase perforation energy, and increase perforation speed during perforation of thick plates.

From the perspective of perforation time, the speed of automatic focusing is half that of manual focusing, and the cutting effect is basically the same. However, autofocus will reduce the over-melting of the sheet due to the short material overheating time. The advantage of autofocus is obvious, which can significantly improve production efficiency and greatly reduce the perforation time of cutting thick plate materials. When processing workpieces of different materials and thicknesses, the machine can quickly adjust the focus to a suitable position.

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Therefore, the automatic focusing fiber laser cutting machine is ahead of manual focusing in most aspects. With the advancement of technology, the automatic focusing laser cutting machine will be more practical and the processing effect will be more perfect, providing better help for laser cutting .