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Fiber laser marking machine: heating film to enhance the anti-counterfeit identification

  In the computer, television, mobile phones and other daily necessities above, we often find an eternal label, or brand name, or brand LOGO, this is the laser standard. Today, the radiator surface also has such a tattoo, can be used to enhance the brand awareness of the product, for product security also has an extraordinary significance.

  Fiber laser marking machine: tattoo on the radiator to enhance the anti-counterfeit identification

  Another point to note is that the laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can constitute a highly efficient automated processing equipment, you can play a variety of text, symbols and patterns, the general corporate symbols can be designed to mark out, displayed on the product It will help distinguish the brand, for some large brands will also enhance the brand's popularity. Moreover, the laser character size can be from the millimeter to the micrometer level, which has a special significance for product security.

  At present, the well-known heating film manufacturers St. Lawrence is used in laser marking technology, generally in the upper left corner of the radiator will be marked with a laser standard, the label on the company's brand LOGO and two-dimensional code. Scan the two-dimensional code can be linked to the company's official website. The use of this laser marking technology is the company to implement low-carbon environmental protection, increase product technology content of the important performance, but also the company attaches importance to brand promotion, protection of consumer interests, crack down on fake and shoddy products, an important measure for the purification of HVAC market environment, The orderly competitive system has a significant effect.

  With the international heating film manufacturing technology synchronization, has always been one of the core competitiveness of St. Lawrence, 2014 is the introduction of laser marking, automatic valve and other advanced technology, and used in the radiator products. St. Lawrence will also continue to introduce new applications, new equipment, research and development of new products, new technologies, so that radiator products and services to adapt to the rapid development of the new era requirements for people to bring a more comfortable living environment.