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Fiber laser marking machine in charger adapter application

Charger, is an integral part of every electronic device, basically all of the charger will have a region to identify these text symbols.

Charger adapter Laser laser engraving advantage, compared to the original silk screen, Penma, the old mode of the mold, fiber laser marking machine all marking documents all rely on the computer real-time editing, no need to open the mold version. Whether it is text, serial number, LOGO, certification symbols, two-dimensional code, etc., as long as the computer can draw out the vector or text, laser engraving machine will be the same re-mistakes. Exquisite fine much more than the original process.

In recent years, Schwab laser market demand, development equipment gradually supporting the application of various types of charger logo mark, charger adapter fiber laser marking machine technology efficient, intelligent, fast, consistent access to manufacturers and consumers widely recognized.

In addition, ultrasonic riveting, CCD appearance inspection and so on, our fiber laser marking machine technology blend in these manufacturing processes, the previous simple single marking section Run and in these automation facilities. To achieve ultrasonic riveting, laser marking, conducting test, CCD testing integration process.