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Fiber laser marking machine in the marking of favored reasons

  Fiber laser marking machine used in the alcohol industry anti-counterfeiting area Cuanhuo behavior occurred:
  Large wine brands are usually in order to prevent the industry's counterfeit and regional sales management, manufacturers will use high-tech anti-counterfeiting means to identify their own products. Laser marking machine logo with its unique non-smudable security in the wine industry has been widely used in a number of industries.

  Fiber laser marking machine works is the laser with a very high energy density gathered in the surface of the object, in a very short period of time, the surface of the material gasification, and by controlling the effective displacement of the laser beam, accurate To burn a fine pattern or text. The laser mark is clear and permanent, can not be rubbed and changed. At the same time laser marking the non-erasable coating to also have a certain anti-counterfeiting effect, there are many companies have begun to use laser marking to carry out security, and achieved good results. True and false identification - thousands of commodity identification methods

  In addition to security and environmental health problems, cross-regional FALSIFYING is also a lot of wine business headache for the things. As the ink inkjet printer ink is easier to erase, there are often some dealers on the wine box identified by the monopoly area or regional code to modify, which not only endanger the interests of dealers, but also damage the interests of wine companies The The non-erasable coating of the laser markings is the best choice for tagging area codes.

  Wine products, but the brand business is the most difficult to grasp the problem, cost of money, manpower to buy supplies and the need for special maintenance of the inkjet, but because of the use of ink cartridges inkjet logo is easy to be rubbed , Cuanhuo problems despite repeated prohibitions. In view of this situation, to create a laser technology companies based on the situation of many consumers feedback to make the most cost-effective identification solution, so that manufacturers in the maintenance of the interests of dealers but also stabilize the market. In fact, laser inkjet printer in medicine, food industry instead of inkjet machine is the same reason. In the production code is also a significant role.

  2015 look at the future of fiber laser marking machine trend: fiber laser marking machine widely favored by the packaging industry!

  With the continuous development of science and technology, we have realized that the laser inkjet printer to replace ink inkjet printer has become a development trend. Looking at the future, laser inkjet printer has become the darling of the packaging industry. China after several years of continuous improvement, a new generation of laser inkjet printer function more complete, more reliable performance, more stable operation, installation more convenient.

  Fiber laser marking machine is a permanent mark can not be erased, it is directly through the laser surface in the object surface gasification, without any auxiliary tools can be visually distinguish, easy to identify consumers. And no supplies, maintenance more convenient. Laser inkjet printer breakthroughs in the traditional inkjet technology standardization and unity, to create a new way of spraying, highlighting the characteristics of the product and brand differences, enhance the product in the increasingly fierce market competitiveness , While shortening the product upgrading cycle, flexible production provides a powerful tool.

  As the laser equipment generally contains the computer together, the user as long as the computer programming, you can achieve a variety of laser spray output. Laser marking unique effects, not easy to imitate. The use of special effects of laser marking, and effectively prevent the flow of fake and counterfeit products and cross-regional sales, FALSIFYING; in the product packaging and carton packaging on the print number, bar code, to the ground and other information, while connecting the database system, Flow tracking and dealer cross-regional sales query tracking, is conducive to protecting the legitimate interests of manufacturers. Laser can form a very fine light beam, the material in the surface of the thinnest line width can reach 0.1 mm, for precision machining and security to create a broad space. Not only can spray a complex text, graphics, images, light button, trademark design, bar code, two-dimensional code, product serial number, autographed ... ... and so on, any display on the screen graphics and text can be immediately shot in the designated The surface of the material. Laser Penma can also improve the appearance of the product image and brand-name effect, enhance the market competitiveness of products.