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Fiber laser marking machine into the beverage market guardian

  Summer summer days, the country continued high temperatures, drinks also ushered in the sales season, for the beverage manufacturers, the original is good news, and some manufacturers have a headache. Originally, product demand growth at the same time, but also bring a lot of problems, such as: counterfeit imitation goods after another, regional Cuanhuo serious, agent distributors management confusion, lack of capacity and so on. When the beverage brand to a certain stage of development, it is necessary to introduce advanced technology to improve brand protection, fiber laser marking machine is a wise choice.

  Fiber laser marking machine can be used for beverage packaging bottles, packaging information on the marking, including brand LOGO, security code, production date, production batch number, shelf life, regulatory bar code, two-dimensional code. Fiber laser marking machine using non-contact laser processing, to solve the traditional code of the various drawbacks. Laser marking of the security code security superior performance, can effectively combat the "cottage imitation goods", laser marking bar code information clear and beautiful, permanent good, high temperature, corrosion resistance, easy to erase, can effectively prevent the market FALSIFYING, and through "Two-dimensional code traceability system" to achieve full traceability, can effectively strengthen the distribution, agents of the regulation.

  Fiber laser marking machine for a wide range of applications can be used for marking different materials, such as glass bottles, paper packaging, plastic bottles, metal cans and so on.