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Fiber laser marking machine makes the laser market more and more huge

  Fiber laser marking machine makes the laser market more and more huge.
  China's State Administration of Customs statistics show
  From 2007 to 2010, China's imports of all solid-state lasers continued to show a rapid growth trend, the annual growth rate remained at around 20%, by 2010 the number of imported lasers has grown to 13,500 units, of which more than kilowatt high power The proportion of solid-state lasers is about 10%. All solid-state laser in the industrial application is more and more broad, after a variety of domestic market publicity, show, improve and user training,
Laser marking machine to expand the laser processing market from time to time to expand, so as to bring domestic users to use this advanced manufacturing technology self-confidence and decision-making, laser processing has become more and more widely used external environment.

  So the laser processing with the central components of the demand for high-power laser source more and more. The General Administration of Customs estimates that in the next five years, with the recovery of foreign economic situation and the domestic "second Five-Year" economic establishment to further deepen the development of domestic demand for all solid-state lasers will further increase the proportion of kilowatt-class solid-state lasers There will be a slight improvement, accounting for about 12% of the total, at present, the import kilowatt all solid-state lasers about 1.3 million price, with the semiconductor laser (LD) lower prices and further mature technology, estimated 2017 kilowatts all solid-state laser prices Is expected to drop to 60 to 80 million / kW.

  With the laser price cuts, the same fiber laser marking machine will be a substantial price reduction, after all, laser marking machine in the past few years the marking industry is the rapid development of laser marking machine also applied to various industries, laser marking machine production Manufacturers also more up. In short, the laser marking machine in the laser market accounted for an important position.