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Fiber laser marking machine to promote the development of smart phone industry

  Mobile Internet era has long been subversive people's life, work and thinking mode. With the rapid development of the consumer electronics industry, smart phones has become one of the elements of life can not be missing. According to Gartner's analysis, shipments of smartphones worldwide totaled about 1.45 billion units in 2016, up 0.6 percent year on year, and in 2017, shipments are expected to be around 1.5 billion.

  Mobile phone is undoubtedly the darling of consumer electronics products. With the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, mobile phone manufacturing industry naturally put forward higher requirements. It is reported that about 70% of the mobile phone manufacturing processes are applied to laser technology (more than 20 different processes) and related manufacturing equipment. Whether you can see the naked eye, or can not see, the laser figure are in different forms of "interspersed" which.

  Especially with the recent high-power, deep ultraviolet and ultra-fast laser processing technology development, continued to promote the smart phone manufacturing technology leap. The reason, presumably with the laser process characteristics and precision manufacturing needs of mobile phones are closely related. With its high power density, good direction, clean, efficient, environmental protection and many other advantages, laser processing in mobile phone manufacturing to replace the traditional technology trends are increasingly evident.

  Precision laser cutting in the processing of many elements of smart phones, such as Home key, sapphire screen, tft LCD screen, AMOLED screen, glass cover, conductive glass, volume hole, stainless steel shell, PCB circuit board, flexible circuit board, , As well as other thin film materials and brittle materials are all very useful technology. In addition, the integration of electronic components increasingly demanding, the design tends to miniaturization, many fine deep hole, such as the use of traditional processing methods will be difficult to complete, laser drilling has become an important means of technology. Laser focus spots can concentrate very high energy in very small areas, especially for small holes in the machining, with a minimum pore size of only a few microns and a hole depth and aperture ratio greater than 50 microns. Simultaneously,
A mobile phone can be seen everywhere on the shadow of laser marking, such as: Logo, cell phone keys, cell phone shell, battery, PCB, mobile phone accessories and mobile phone parts and so on.

  Asia is the world's consumer goods industry, "production hot spots", with its consumer electronics industry to occupy a leading position. It is expected that by 2019, the size of smartphone users in Asia will reach 2.66 billion, and this market is showing "explosive" growth, and bring a lot of laser application potential. In addition to the application of traditional laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking technology, more new laser technology is to show their talents. For example: Glass cutting process based on ultrashort pulse lasers. This type of laser is mainly used to cut the use of hardened glass and sapphire glass and other materials made of TV screen, computer screen, tablet computer and display. Another example is a low power diode laser for welding a mobile phone camera module.