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Five ways of laser welding for plastic

2021-03-19 17:37:33

Since the laser machine started to developed, many industry use it to produce different product. Because of the laser machine, it can fulfill the need of high quality product. Plastic is one of the product. If the product and the machine have a better consistency, the product will be better too.

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First: welding outline. It basically use laser to weld the outline of the component , that made the component stick together.
Second: simultaneous welding. This method use many diode to form a laser beam, to melt the plastic in high temperature. It is normally used in automobile’s light and medical industry.
Third: scanner welding. It combined the both feature above which use welding the outline with a high temperature.
Forth: rolling welding. It is a new technique that comes in two different ways. One method is add a cushion glass ball to focus the laser beam. Another is add a metal pinch roller, it will prevent scratching.  
Fifth: illumination mask welding. With a mask cover on the component, it can produce really precised product.

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