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GE power upgrade laser is expected to break the 3D printing bottleneck

  Recently, the top engineering team of global technology giant GE is currently trying to find ways to accelerate laser 3D printing by using more powerful lasers.

  In general, during laser 3D printing system operation, selective laser sintering and other techniques will be limited by the system's laser capabilities, affecting 3D printing speed to some extent. If just by increasing the laser intensity to improve 3D printing speed, powder bed may be destroyed. Nowadays, GE Airlines uses 3D printing technology to provide airlines with parts and components that face the problem of improving 3D printing lasers to save on delivery time and costs.

  As a result, GE Additive recently introduced the ATLAS 3D Printing System Project, which is capable of building a huge building system. It can print 1-meter parts along all three axes.
At present, ATLAS3D printing system is still under further research and development.

  With the continuous advancement of laser 3D printing technology, the application of this technology has shifted from the laboratory to many manufacturing industries. GE's ATLAS3D printing system once successfully launched into the market, will completely change the current existing manufacturing.