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How are laser protective lenses and lenses produced and processed?

With the continuous improvement of the power of fiber laser cutting machine, the required laser cutting head should also be continuously improved. The main core technology of the laser cutting head is the optical lens as the main accessory. Today, I will introduce all the laser lens technology and steps when laser lens is applied in high power.

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1 Laser cutting is divided into laser protection lens and laser focusing lens. The laser protective lens is a double plane, and the laser lens is a lens with curvature.

2 The first choice for laser protection lenses and lenses is imported materials, which have high density, less dross and high purity. The transmittance of the white film is required to be from 94% (300-1500nm), and the expansion coefficient is high. Cut to the desired size-Check the characteristics of the material-Preliminary grinding-Polishing of imported equipment-Inspection of the accuracy of the surface-Inspection of the aperture-Inspection of the white film transmittance-Inspection of the smoothness-Final coating of high-power coating-Measurement of coating The actual reflection curve-complete shipment.

Focusing lens for fiber cutting head

3 Each of the above steps must be strictly carried out, otherwise there will be many situations under high-power lasers, such as heat, alarms, burned-out lenses and other problems, which will have a serious impact on the laser equipment, and basically stop it. Operational.

4 The higher the power, the higher the requirements for the lens. At present, it is mainly produced for customers in need.

5 The higher the laser power, the higher the requirement for the loss threshold of the coating. Therefore, the imported coating equipment must be used to complete the coating. It is best to achieve reflectivity below 0.1%.