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How close is laser processing technology to our daily life?

The theory of laser light was first proposed by Einstein in 1917. A laser is light emitted by the stimulated emission of atoms. Compared with ordinary light sources, the laser has good monochromaticity, high brightness and good directionality.

In 1960, in this year, American scientist Theodore Mailer successfully created the world's first laser, the ruby ​​laser. In the same year, the former Soviet scientist Nikolai Basov invented the semiconductor laser. The lasers that are common in life today are all generated by semiconductor lasers.

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In fact, lasers are widely used in our lives, so let's take a look at how close our lives are to laser applications?

The application of laser in life

Laser processing technology and laser equipment are closely related to our lives. It can be said that laser is one of the most important inventions of human beings in the 20th century. It is no exaggeration. Without laser, there would be no information age. Laser discs, optical fiber communications, barcode scanning, laser printing, laser pointers, etc., are indispensable in the information age, and our daily life is inseparable from them.

Laser equipment penetrates into all aspects of life, mobile phone case text, logo, computer keyboard characters, hardware engraving, cutting and welding of auto parts, aerospace manufacturing, high-speed rail production, aircraft manufacturing, etc. are all related to laser processing.

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Laser equipment improves the quality of daily life

In life: various household appliances such as induction cooker, TV, computer, refrigerator, washing machine, kitchen knife, wok, milk bottle and other daily tools, brand logo, text introduction, performance introduction, barcode, etc. on these things, almost all use laser now The marking machine is on, and the laser marking is beautiful and not easy to be worn, and the traditional ink printing or paper labeling has long been outdated.

Of course, there are many places in laser equipment that are related to our lives, such as medical beauty, laser weapons, information communication technology, laser TV and other industries or products that require laser technology. It can be said that our life has been Lasers "rule".