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How does the focus lens focus on the laser cutting machine?

  Laser cutting machine focus lens is a relatively sophisticated optical components, the degree of cleanliness of the laser cutting machine directly affect the processing performance and quality. Therefore, the timing of the maintenance of the lens is very necessary, the following easy network will give you some tips to maintain the focus of the lens. Maintenance of the laser cutting machine Focusing the correct operation of the lens flow:
  1. Remove the focusing lens in the frame: loosen the fastening screw, remove the gas nozzle and the tube in turn; blow the dust on the surface of the lens with the blower;
  2. If you really need to clean the lens, can only use the laboratory level of paper soft cotton ball, dipped in the right amount of acetone or high degree of alcohol, gently clockwise from the center of the lens rotation to the edge. If necessary, both sides of the lens need to be clean, scrub should be careful and meticulous;
  3. Install the lens barrel and gas nozzle, adjust the focal length, tighten the tightening screws, focusing lens installation, be sure to keep the convex face down.
  Maintenance of laser cutting machine focus lens should pay attention to the following three points:
  1. Focus lens material for ZnSe (zinc arsenic), more brittle, afraid of fall; in the disassembly should pay attention: not too hard, can not collide with the hard objects. The surface of the anti-reflective film, fear of pollution, fear of wet, afraid of oil, afraid of scratches; it is required to provide dry, oil to the work of the air, do not directly handle the laser cutting machine lens lens, because the skin grease Will have a permanent damage to the lens surface. On the contrary, you can carry gloves and their special sets of equipment to operate, for smaller lenses, the use of optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers will be more convenient. No matter what method to clip laser cutting machine focus lens, can only be held along the non-optical surface, such as mirror edge edge of the matte edge.
  2. Under normal circumstances, before and after use and cleaning need to check the laser cutting machine focus lens situation. Because most of the contaminants and surface defects are smaller in size, we often need to use the magnifying device when checking the lens. In addition to amplifying the equipment, sometimes we also need to use a bunch of relatively bright light to illuminate the optical surface, enhance the surface contaminants and defects of the specular intensity, so that you can more easily detect pollutants and defects.
  3. When cleaning a laser cutter focusing lens, often use clean wipes and optical grade solvents to prevent damage to other contaminants. Wipe the paper must be wet with a suitable solvent, do not dry use. In the case of softness, the available wipes are cotton Webril wipes or cotton applicators such as cotton balls, lens paper, and cotton swabs.
  Laser cutting machine focus lens This is a consumable, when the cleaning after many times still can not reach a high degree of cleanliness should pay attention to replacement, to ensure that the laser cutting machine processing efficiency, so as not to delay production.