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How to deal with the reduction of laser strength of the marking machine

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-27

  For some people who often use laser marking machines, the reduction of laser strength is a big headache, which seriously affects the marking effect in the process of processing, making the mark not clear enough. In order to solve the problem of weak laser strength, we must check and repair the equipment.
  Method one, check whether the laser resonator is changing, and fine-tune the cavity lens to ensure the best output spot.
  Method two, the laser that enters the vibratory mirror is off center, adjust laser;
  Method 3, to see whether the output energy of the acousto-optic crystal offset or the acousto-optic power supply is low, adjust the position of the glottis crystal, or increase the working current of the acoustic optical power supply.
  Method four, if the current is adjusted to about 20A still not enough, the proof of krypton lamp is old, urgently need to replace the new lamp.
  The laser marking machine needs operators to perform proper operation and maintenance as well as other machines so as to prolong the life of the laser marking machine and improve the marking effect.