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How to do the maintenance of the laser scanning galvanometer?

The laser scanning galvanometer is a device with a precise design structure, and continuous operation for a long time will cause the temperature to rise, which will have a certain impact on the effect of use. Therefore, when using the laser scanning galvanometer, we should pay attention to the correct operation. At the same time, in order to effectively prolong the service life of the laser scanning galvanometer, we should also take correct maintenance measures.

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The maintenance of the laser scanning galvanometer is roughly divided into three parts, heat dissipation, dust removal, and cleaning and care of the lens. As long as the three items are done daily, the equipment can be well maintained and its service life can be extended.

1. Heat dissipation is an effective way to maintain the laser scanning galvanometer. Therefore, when installing a professional laser scanning galvanometer, be careful not to place the air inlet and outlet too close to the chassis, and leave a certain space for the air to circulate. , A cooling fan should be installed inside the chassis, and an air conditioner should be used to cool down when the ambient temperature rises to ensure that the laser galvanometer can be well dissipated during operation, so as to avoid adverse effects of high heat on the equipment.

2. Pay attention to cleaning the dust on the laser scanning galvanometer during daily maintenance, and regularly use an air gun to blow out the dust on the air inlet and outlet of the laser galvanometer. It is blocked by dust and affects the heat dissipation of the device.

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3. If the lens of the laser scanning galvanometer has stolen goods and needs to be cleaned, the air exhaled by the human body contains oil and water, which will further contaminate the lens, so do not blow it directly with your mouth, but use an ear-washing ball to blow the lens until until the surface of the lens is free of particles. Then use a special cotton swab dipped in laboratory grade acetone and ethanol to gently wipe. If you use lens cleaning paper, fold the lens cleaning paper into small squares and sandwich it between your four fingers to wet it, and then gently wipe it in the direction of the coating lines of the laser scanning galvanometer lens.