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How to maintain a laser scanner

The way to maintain the scanner is to do regular cleaning work. The scanner can be said to be a relatively delicate device, and you must do a good job of cleaning it at ordinary times. If dust or other impurities fall on the glass plate, reflective lens, and lens in the scanner, the reflected light of the scanner will be weakened, thereby affecting the scanning quality of the picture. To this end, be sure to use the scanner in a dust-free or dust-free environment. After use, be sure to cover the scanner with a dust cover to prevent more dust from invading.

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When not in use for a long time, it should also be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, you can first wipe off the dust of the case with a soft fine cloth, and then carefully clean it with detergent and water. Then clean the glass plate. Since the cleanness of the panel is directly related to the scanning quality of the image, when cleaning the panel, first wipe it with glass cleaner, and then wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth net.

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During the cleaning process, the optical components should be protected. During the process of scanning the image, the scanner converts the analog signal into a digital signal through a component called a photoelectric converter, and then sends it to the computer. This photoelectric conversion setup is very delicate, and the position of the optical lens or the reflector lens has a great impact on the quality of the scan. Therefore, in the process of work, do not change the position of these optical devices casually, and try to avoid vibration or tilt of the scanner.

When the scanner fails, do not dismantle it without authorization, but send it to the manufacturer or a designated repair station. Also, when transporting the scanner, be sure to lock the safety lock on the back of the scanner to avoid changing the position of the optical accessories.