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How to maintain the fiber laser cutting machine? Have requirements for the environment?

I believe everyone knows that some parts of the fiber laser cutting machine are lossy parts, such as reflective lenses, protective lenses, beam expanders, copper nozzles and so on. These parts cause certain damage with the continuous increase of use time, so these parts generally need to be regularly maintained or replaced, otherwise the whole machine will not work normally or the use effect of the laser cutting machine will be affected.

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The service life of fiber laser cutting machine accessories varies. How to maintain the equipment in order to make the equipment stable and have a longer service life?

1. Use the equipment strictly in accordance with the factory parameters of the manufacturer to effectively prolong the life of the cutting equipment.
2. Maintain the environment around the cutting machine to ensure the cutting quality. (It is very important to reasonably maintain the environment around the fiber laser cutting machine. For example, some users place the painting work area near the fiber laser cutting machine, which will corrode electrical components for a long time, and also affect the cutting quality of laser cutting.)
3. Use compressed air and vacuum cleaners to absorb the dust and dirt on the optical fiber laser cutting machine operating table, electrical cabinet and the surface of various equipment every day. All electrical cabinet doors should be tightly closed to prevent dust.
4. Disassemble the dust cover of each shaft every quarter, check whether the gear rack and guide rail are worn or have foreign objects, and clean and refuel in time. This is the most important thing and must be done, otherwise, the cutting accuracy will be slightly affected, and the rack guide will be damaged.
5. For other maintenance matters, follow the "Equipment Maintenance Manual".

Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance of equipment such as dust removal and refueling should be carried out according to the "Maintenance Manual", which will effectively reduce the impact of the environment on various components, and enable the fiber laser cutting machine to operate efficiently, stably, and trouble-free for a long time. Constantly create value for users.

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