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IC chip marking, the need for precision laser marking machine to ensure

  Countless electronic factories in Shenzhen, countless, there are many IC chips in every electronic product. Then the demand for chip laser marking machine is very large. In the massive use of IC chips, we all hope that there is an important parameter of environmental protection, anti-counterfeit and permanent marking, information content. So IC chip selection using laser marking more and more widely.

  The chip can be assembled in the silicon board a variety of electronic components to form a circuit in order to achieve a specific function, and the chip surface for identification or other functions, there will always be some patterns, numbers, etc., is the case, the market needs to be able to Such a small area of the material for precision, detailed chip laser marking, but also can not undermine the chip's functional properties.

  (1) Design IC laser automatic marking system overall mechanical structure, structural design using modular, reorganization of design, on the one hand to reduce replacement costs and improve efficiency. At the same time fixtures can be quickly replaced, to achieve more variety, small quantities of flexible production of IC chips.

  (2) Confirm the selection of laser to meet the requirements of workpiece quality and appearance. Therefore, screen the existing laser types to confirm the proper laser type and power.

  (3) To achieve the accuracy of automatic laser marking of IC chip, based on the mechanical positioning, combined with the digital image processing card as the core image processing system, multi-axis motion control card motion control system and DSP card laser scanner galvanometer scanning Standard technology, to achieve high precision IC chip laser marking, high speed requirements.

  (4) The finished IC chip laser automatic marking system was jointly commissioned and commissioned. For different IC chip products, the optimal control parameters were optimized to meet the requirements of equipment design and laser marking accuracy of IC chips.

  (5)Development of automatic laser marking control software, using object-oriented programming method based on visual human-machine interface, integrated laser, image processing system and motion control system operation.