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Introduction of dynamic galvanometer scanner controller applied to marking machine

CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd established in February 2016, is a national high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, inspection, application testing and sales of laser optical components and optical systems.CARMAN HAAS oem 3D galvo scanner supplier,The laser processing involved is very extensive, including ultra-fast laser processing, power battery laser processing, laser cutting, laser marking, Laser welding, laser drilling, laser cleaning, solar photovoltaic cell laser processing, laser additive manufacturing (3D printing), laser etching, etc.

Carmanhaas offer 3D scanning system includes multiple pieces of lenses, at least one movable lens will move during process, and the rest lens are used for focusing. The movable lens make the focus change to match the actual focusing length with different laser focusing location on the work place. It can ensure the laser always work with the real focus point on the work place. So it can make the focusing spot size alignment and uniformity.

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Product Features:
1.Design compatible with a number of brand galvanometer;
2.2D and 3D mode can be switched to reduce the heat, increase service life;
3.Flexible interface. Excellent interface, fast connection with all 2D fiber optic machines, the ordinary 2D device upgrade to 3D devices;
4.Large size field lens, the light is more uniform. With field lens design, compatible with 2D working mode, optional range from 70mm ~ 300mm field lens, spot smaller;
5.3D function,the series includes Z-axis dynamic focus unit, F-theta lens and 2D galvanometer system, and self-developed special control software and control board;
6.Internal integrated of red light, using the internal red light preview system,marking more convenient and more efficient positioning;

Carmanhaas 3D galvo scanner company china,We Corporation commits to "customer first, quality first" as our goal and "quality improvement, responsibility completion" as our production policy. Excellence in working process, perfection in quality and dedication in customers service. Based on various customers’ demands, we will provide all customers the customized solutions in laser optics and mechanism.

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