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Kitchenware products using laser marking machine to mark the appearance of more chic

  Kitchenware and our lives are closely related to our daily necessities essential. With the improvement of living standards of the people, people are getting higher and higher quality of products, not only the product needs a variety of functions, durable, but also the product value burst table, a nice chic effect. Kitchen shape, color, pleasing to the eye will to some extent affect people's diet.

  So consider the durability of kitchen utensils, but also take into account the appearance of the product did not give people a fresh feeling. In order to improve this, many manufacturers, from the selection, modeling, information tag, have fully considered the overall appearance of kitchen products, so that people in the process of tasting food, be able to physically and mentally pleased. As an important influencing factor of appearance of kitchenware, information marking is an important bridge for people to understand kitchenware products and operate kitchenware products, which is directly related to the quality and grade of kitchenware products. In the past we used for kitchenware product labeling, most of the use of very rough mark processing, did not consider the overall appearance of the product effect. It is easy to cause the loss of some marking information and the fuzzy information of the marking, which not only brings many inconveniences in the process of using, but also reduces people's satisfaction with kitchenware products.

  In order to effectively improve the processing quality of kitchenware products, more and more enterprises are marking the product information above with laser marking machines. Because laser marking is the use of high-energy density laser on the kitchenware surface partial irradiation, the surface material vaporization or color changes in the chemical reaction, leaving a permanent mark of a marking method.

  The laser marking machine not only marks various characters, symbols and patterns on the kitchenware products, but also marks the lines up to the order of millimeters to micrometers, which realizes the point-to-point fine culling on the surface of the kitchenware so as to present the perfect marking effect. At the same time processing a wide range of strong adaptability, even if the different shapes of different materials kitchenware products, the use of the laser marking machine can be very convenient for processing. Laser Marking The entire process does not require contact with the surface of the kitchenware, so it does not cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the surface of the kitchenware during processing, and even small kitchenware, the laser markings can utilize small laser beams. Processed to achieve a chic new tagging effect. Second, laser marking can also be combined with computer technology to achieve precise control of marking processing, so that each kitchenware product information can be clearly visible, but also can play an effective anti-counterfeit effect, connect the database system, product traceability; the same time, laser Processing does not produce harmful elements, are non-toxic environmentally safe, there is no corrosive, completely isolated from chemical pollution, the operator is also a caring protection, to ensure the production site clean and tidy, reducing the late investment.