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Laser Marking Assist agricultural product labeling for agricultural safety Add "lock"

  Recently, Beijing held a work plan for the meat dish tracing project in 2017. Meat dish tracing has once again become one of the hot topics. It is reported that as early as July of this year, the Beijing Municipal Food and Drug Administration had issued a message to the full implementation of Beijing's agricultural products wholesale market, beef and mutton products traceability code to inform consumers of livestock products birth, feeding, transportation, slaughtering until finally entered Circulation information.
  Food safety has always been the haze of our residents' hearts, the Shuanghui lean meat extract, KFC white feather chicken, Huangpujiang dead pig and Jiangsu fake lamb. In recent years, the quality and safety of food have become increasingly serious, But also the traceability of livestock products and the chain of agricultural products supply chain is not transparent enough.

  Building a comprehensive and comprehensive traceability system for agricultural products is a complex project. The first step in this project is to produce a unique traceability record for each agricultural product. The agricultural product "ID Card" You experience the "one yard in hand, healthy and worry-free" protection.

  Why a two-dimensional code can bring such a big security? In fact, the essence of the two-dimensional code is the application of agricultural products quality and safety traceability system, the flow of this system is also very simple, consumers scan the QR code on the packaging , You can know which part of the livestock you purchased, what kind of breed, and the status of growth, health status, slaughter time, transportation information and so on. Effectively prevent food safety issues such as holidays. Information disclosure is simple and direct, fully protect the consumer's right to information.

  Thus, two-dimensional code is the basis of the entire agricultural product quality traceability system, how to play a clear eye-catching, indelible two-dimensional code label is very important, and laser marking can be a good solution to this problem, laser marking It is a permanent marker that is hard to change. The fonts are continuous lines with clear lines. The fonts can be designed according to the requirements of proprietary fonts difficult to imitate. For example, the combination of laser marking system (marking security code) Taller.