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Laser Medical Applications: Capsule Ink Marking Upgrade to Laser Marking

Capsule ink marking upgraded to laser marking

  Why the development of fully automatic capsule laser marking machine Zhu Ba Steel initial idea is very simple, is to solve the pharmaceutical and capsule manufacturers ink marking capsules with the problem.

  "Attached to the marking ink on the capsule, seemingly insignificant, but will cause direct or indirect harm to the human body. Schwab Laser experts and technicians to tackle key problems, after six years of hard work, the first half of last year successfully developed the first Taiwan automatic capsule laser marking machine, and has won three invention patents, 9 utility model patents.

  It successfully developed, ending the traditional ink printing technology to solve the problem of drug safety caused by ink pollution, not only green, but also save consumables.

  In the production floor, I saw the technician working on the computer screen and then pouring a bag of capsules into the machine. A short while later, a capsule of capsules printed a string of logos. A marking machine can give dozens of capsules a second mark, an hour can mark 120,000.

  Reporters readily pick up a capsule and found that the logo has two lines, is a local capsule company's drug approval number and production lot number.

  "With this logo, like a 'ID card', you know which company's product it produces, regardless of where the capsule is." In fact, the capsule is also shelf-stable, with a shelf life of 3 years for its raw gelatin. If printed on the batch number, the factory time will be clear at a glance.

  Automatic laser marking machine, once come out, get the pharmaceutical and capsule manufacturers, Amendment Pharmaceutical, Xinchang Pharmaceutical and some other well-known pharmaceutical companies have been using some of the soft laser fiber laser marking machine, more companies are required to order the product.

  Sold out of fiber laser marking machine fully recovered

  "If everyone can buy a laser marking machine, that means everyone can print the logo themselves and it can also lead to the phenomenon of counterfeiting others' products."

  This sentence makes Zhu Bo steel such as staggering, after consultation with the top executives, he re-adjust the business model - the company decided not to sell the product, but also followed the machine to go: If the pharmaceutical or capsule companies need, put the fiber laser Marking machines installed in each other's business, to send their own technical personnel to operate; or set up a processing workshop, specifically for business printing capsule logo.

  "Regulate the capsule market, from the enterprise level, we are making further efforts." Xinchang happened two years ago, "poison capsule" incident, the local capsule industry a great impact, in order to prevent criminals take advantage of some companies in the strengthening Management, improve their own quality at the same time, self-awareness has also increased.

  In Xinchang, Wang Huarun, who has been in the capsule industry for over 30 years, counts as a "veteran" character. He believes that every capsule capsule must be identified from the source, control from the source, there is no market for counterfeit products. However, the strength of the enterprise alone is still limited and needs guidance from the industry and government support.

  Not long ago, Zhejiang Province Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry Association has issued a letter of recommendation to the province's capsules and pharmaceutical companies, to promote the production of such automatic laser marking machine. There are several members of the CPPCC National Committee came to investigate and is drafting the proposal to be submitted to the two sessions next year, the proposed capsule and pharmaceutical companies to change ink printing capsules for laser printing.