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Laser "Return of the King"

  At present, the semiconductor laser electro-optical conversion efficiency of up to 70%. This sentence is the recent "advanced high-power high-energy laser technology and application seminar," Academician Wang Lijun introduced the development of high-energy semiconductor laser status, he said; semiconductor laser is the most promising laser light source. At present, the restriction of the popularization and application of semiconductor lasers is mainly the beam quality and brightness is not enough, not as good as the fiber laser for cutting, but the future of semiconductor lasers in laser repair, the possibility of welding is very large, in recent years, semiconductor laser applications The market will gradually accelerate its growth and I believe it will soon play an important role in the national economy. Academician Liu Zejin believes that in the future, semiconductor lasers will dominate the application market.

  The semiconductor laser has a wide wavelength range, simple fabrication, low cost and easy mass production. Its small size, light weight, stable performance, long life characteristics widely favored by the market. As a new type of light source, semiconductor lasers have been widely used in industrial applications, laser radar, laser display, sensing, illumination, projection, communication, medical treatment and military scientific research fields. In the future, the power, the wavelength and the working mode Large space for expansion. As Professor Liu Zelin said; semiconductor lasers are the most promising laser light source in the future.

  According to the report of Laser Manufacture News Industry Research Institute, the Asia Pacific region has become the largest and fastest growing semiconductor laser device in the world. In 2016, the global sales revenue of semiconductor lasers reached 4.68 billion USD, accounting for 45% of the total laser sales revenue. The market Expected by 2020 more than 10 billion US dollars (including communications, industrial processing, medical applications such as semiconductor lasers).

  Military applications

  Semiconductor lasers are widely used in military fields such as laser-guided tracking, laser radar, laser fuzes, laser ranging, laser communications power supplies, laser simulation weapons, laser sighting alarms, laser communications and laser gyros. The integration of military and civilian development is a national strategy, which points the way for the development of the laser industry. The developed countries all attach great importance to the military application of high-power and high-energy lasers. Believe in the future, the military field will be one of the major consumer markets for semiconductor lasers.

  Communication applications

  In optical fiber communication, semiconductor lasers are the transmission sources for various data, images and other transmission systems. In the future, all-optical communication networks such as all-optical-wave converters, optical switching, optical routing and optical forwarding are the only practical light sources for semiconductor lasers. Today, it is the fastest growing and most important light source in the field of optical communications. According to the forward-looking analysis of Industry Institute, at present, communications applications accounted for 32.2% of the sales of semiconductor lasers, becoming the largest area of application. Semiconductor lasers are used in many aspects of communications, including wireless, fiber optic, underwater, satellite and free space communications.

  Precision machining applications

  With the Q-switched semiconductor laser produces high-energy ultra-short light pulse, you can cut the integrated circuit, drilling and so on. In general machining, high-power semiconductor lasers have been used for soldering, phase change hardening of the surface of the material, cladding of the surface of the material, joining of materials, surface treatment of the titanium alloy, improvement of pro-wet properties on the surface of the engineering material, laser cleaning, Machining and so on.

  Information storage application

  Semiconductor lasers have been used in optical disk storage and have the greatest merit of storing a large amount of voice, text and image information. Use blue, green laser to improve the storage density of the disc. In information processing applications, surface-emitting semiconductor laser 2D arrays are ideal light sources for optical parallel processing systems and are used in optical computers and neural networks.

  Environmental testing applications

  In environmental testing, ambient gas is analyzed by analyzing the spectrum to monitor air pollution, vehicle exhaust, and the like. In the industry can be used to monitor the vapor deposition process.

  Laser display applications

  High-definition laser TV. In the near future, semiconductor laser TVs without cathode ray tubes will be on the market, using red, blue and green three-color lasers at an estimated 20% lower power consumption than existing television sets.

  Life science applications

  In the medical field, semiconductor lasers are widely used in general surgery, plastic surgery, dermatology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, etc. in addition to soft tissue excision, tissue joining, coagulation and vaporization. It is also used in laser kinetic therapy to selectively attach light-sensitive substances that have affinity to the tumor within the cancerous tissue. By irradiating the semiconductor laser, the cancerous tissue is necrotic, without any damage to the healthy tissue.

  Speaking with a chief scientist at a semiconductor laser manufacturer in China once said that semiconductor lasers are the only "kitchen on the hall" (the national defense military refers to people's livelihood medical treatment), and the laser industry can be crowned With "crown of non-crown" title. At present, not only the semiconductor laser market share is increasing year by year, new application market is rapidly forming, if we can play in so many big industries, "the return of the king" will be long way?