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Brief Introduction of Laser cutting Machine

  • Author:Jessica
  • Release on:2017-06-06

  With the rapid development of laser technology, some amazing laser equipment has been created, and laser cutting machine is one of them.As the top representative of laser technology, its advantage is that traditional cutting equipment is far from matched.
  Laser cutting machine, as a kind of do not contact with the object of the cutting process, applied field, it can cut a variety of sheet metal, pipes, and non-metallic materials, etc., can also be cut gold, silver, copper, platinum and other hard processing material.It is the most mature technology in laser processing that is not torn, damaged or broken.
  The laser cutting speed is very fast, the cutting seam is small, the incision is smooth and neat, the overall cutting quality is good.Compared with traditional cutting techniques, the laser cutting technology does not have the serious wear and tear on the tool.The amount of heat in the cutting surface has less effect;It is easier to achieve numerical control when cutting applications are large and not subject to shape.In the process of complex processing, we can achieve all kinds of metal processing work without the support of the mould and the high quality and high precision.As a result, many industrial manufacturing units have begun to focus on the important role of laser cutting technology and are becoming more and more popular in sheet metal processing.
  Compared with traditional laser cutting machine cutting equipment has made technical breakthrough, there is a huge advantage, its market potential is very large, it is a good way for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises to expand production.