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Laser cutting machine price 2018 how to change? Look at the domestic laser

Hello dear users, your 2017 balance is not enough, and can not recharge ... ... 2017 is about to pass, this year the scope of laser applications in different areas gradually deepening, the traditional processing and manufacturing, more and more The use of laser cutting technology for processing, including fiber laser cutting machine is the most widely used.

With the expansion of the industry, the competition is more intense. It is foreseeable that the demand and supply of laser cutting machines will all increase by 2018. What new trends will the fiber laser cutting machine price show in 2018? And look down.

2017 oversupply intense competition

In recent years, the rapid development of the domestic laser cutting machine industry, relying on the import situation has improved, but also the relationship between supply and demand has changed, the donor market was significantly greater than the demand-side market, the market competition has entered a white-hot stage.

In the serious homogenization of laser cutting machine today, the result of over-squeezing production costs is to reduce the quality, shoddy, cheap gimmick, the laser cutting machine price is up or down, the actual situation is difficult to distinguish.

But look at the laser cutting machine market, there is a very special phenomenon: the best-selling products are often not the lowest-priced brands. Increasing brand competitiveness by reducing production costs is the first stage of competition, because to some extent production costs can not be inflated. To really lower the price of laser cutting machine, have to start from other aspects.

2018 laser homemade broken laser cutting machine high price

Laser cutting machine is the core component of the laser, laser cutting machine is also the most important part of the price. For a long time our country high-power laser cutting machine equipment, relying on imported technology pure assembly production, the core components by the people, laser cutting machine is expensive, long lead times, leading to high laser cutting machine prices.
At present, most low-power fiber lasers are occupied by domestic manufacturers with a market share of up to 85%. After the domestic production of low-power lasers from 2010 to 2015, the cost of low-power lasers has dropped by more than 50%. Medium-power fiber laser market Domestic manufacturers in recent years to achieve a technological breakthrough, the market share greatly increased in 2016 for the first time in sales more than imports.

2013-2016 domestic fiber laser sales by power and equipment production situation
The high-power laser, the market localization rate is low, the domestic bargaining power of downstream enterprises is weak, the price drop is less than the low-power laser. Taking the 2000W high power laser as an example, the average market price in 2012-2016 dropped to 1.0-1.4 million from 1.3-1.6 million, a drop of only about 20%.

It is not difficult to see that the laser cutting machine price decline in 2018, how much decline largely depends on the popularity of domestic laser can be gradually replaced by the imported laser.
Laser cutting machine prices decline trend

Although the pricing power of high-power lasers in the market is still in the hands of foreign companies that are mainly IPGs, a large number of outstanding leading laser enterprises have emerged in China, including Sharp Optoelectronics, Chongxin Technology, Jepterth and so on. Rui Ke Optoelectronics has begun mass production of 10,000 W-class high-power fiber laser to break the monopoly of overseas high-power fiber laser.

With domestic manufacturers to develop 1.5-6kw high-power fiber lasers, IPG and other foreign companies to break the pricing power, high-power fiber laser prices will drop significantly, lower costs, laser cutting machine prices will lead to 2018 continue downward. This will also speed up the penetration of laser processing in the domestic industry, while domestic equipment manufacturers will seize the market of foreign equipment manufacturers in the traditional heavy industry.

With the increasingly powerful domestic laser cutting machine brand, laser cutting machine market in 2018 competition will be more intense, but the foreseeable is that the brand, product and enterprise competition, is not a single price competition, quality, service, additional The hidden elements such as value, channel and enterprise development strategy are also important aspects of the long-term development of enterprises and brands and sustainable competition.