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Laser cutting machine used in plastic processing advantages

Now the latest plastic processing can be laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine laser beam focused on the surface of plastic materials, the use of high-temperature characteristics of the laser material melting, and the laser beam and plastic products along a certain track for operation, you can get the ideal Plastic products.

Mentioned plastic products, many people will think of roadside stalls selling barrels, baskets, basins, etc., with the development of science and technology, plastic products have more than just the above products, cars, electronics, medical equipment are used, or even Aerospace is high-tech, sophisticated, cutting-edge fields are used. But to be used in these high-end fields, in addition to the plastic material itself to meet the laser cutting requirements, but also solve the problem of laser lettering, but also to solve the plastic in the welding, cutting, engraving, drilling and other processes to achieve precision, Clean, fast, efficient problem. Laser cutting machine plastic processing has the following advantages:

First, the laser cutting machine plastic nozzle of good quality, are non-contact cutting, trimming little affected by heat, the basic thermal deformation of the workpiece, completely avoid the formation of mold blanking edge, laser cutting smooth, generally not Need secondary processing.

Second, laser cutting plastic materials can improve the speed of new product development: Immediately after the product drawing is formed, it can be laser processed and samples of new plastic products can be obtained in the shortest manufacturing cycle.

Third, the laser cutting machine to cut the plastic material can save plastic mold costs, laser cutting plastic mold does not require, there is no mold consumption, no need to repair the mold, saving mold replacement time, thus saving the processing costs and reduce manufacturing costs, suitable for large Pieces of products or small quantities of plastic products processing.

Plastic is widely used, is an indispensable part of home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, medical equipment, lighting appliances, plastic processing applications are also essential.

The same tissue box, and this use of laser cutting technology processing tissue box better transparency, transparency, such as crystal, ideal for home, hotel, office space, but also the use of laser engraving technology, engraving personality Logo .

The use of carbon dioxide laser engraving machine engraving advertising crystal is undoubtedly the best choice, the above crystal is a laser engraving machine engraving molding, no additional polishing, very flexible. Laser cutting machine used in plastic materials cutting. Plastic processing, the traditional mechanical processing is the drill and other machinery directly on the plastic parts, it is a very uniform plastic deformation, but also in the processing of the formation of flash, in order to meet the production requirements, need to be a deal, the processing speed Will slow down, but also the precision can not meet the requirements. However, the use of laser cutting can avoid the above drawbacks, greatly accelerating the research and development of new plastic products, but also accelerated the application of plastic in the high-end areas. As people's living standards improve, laser cutting acrylic gift market prospects are getting better and better, laser cutting with its high-speed, simple processing advantages have gained people's favorite. For example, laser cutting acrylic crafts, you can save for a long time, no color, moisture, you can always bright and beautiful.