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Laser cutting machine used in the LED industry

Laser cutting machine is now widely used in many fields such as semiconductor, LED and photovoltaic solar energy.

The development of LED wafer laser cutting machine

1. The birth of the first generation of UV laser wafer cutting equipment

When the sapphire as a substrate material, is widely used in LED chip production, the traditional tool cutting has been unable to meet the cutting requirements to the United States Newave several manufacturers, then use 355nm, 266nm short wavelength nanosecond lasers, sapphire Wafer wafer processing, the way to solve the sapphire cutting difficult and LED industry to do a small chip and cut the narrow requirements, for the sapphire-based LED mass production, providing high-quality cutting possible and protection The


The laser power is about 1W

Dicing speed 10 - 20mm / s

Capacity 1 - 3pcs / h

Laser pulse nanosecond

Cutting effect: the opening is small, low efficiency, laser pulse width, melting phenomenon is obvious.

2. The development of a new generation of UV laser cutting equipment

With the development of blue-green LED chip technology and the scale of the expansion of the requirements of laser cutting equipment is also getting higher and higher, which also forced the laser equipment suppliers to upgrade the equipment technology. At the same time due to the development of laser technology and the price reduction, domestic laser scribing equipment also began to enter the market, a new generation of ultraviolet laser dicing device immediately, its production capacity has been raised to generation dicing machine 3-5 times, the fastest up to 15 pieces per hour.


Laser power 2 - 3W

Scratch speed 100 - 120mm / s

Production capacity 10 - 15pcs / h

Laser pulse width picosecond

Cutting effect: wide opening, high cutting efficiency, short laser pulse, gasification significantly, more suitable for sidewall corrosion process.