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Laser cutting metal hook a move to say goodbye messy home

  Although the hook is good, however, when you are using the ordinary hook, also encountered a series of troubles?

  For example, in the use of drilling hooks, it will destroy the wall, but also easy to hurt the fingers; sticky hook in the use, not only stick to the wall, the left mucus is not good to clean, often because of poor load-bearing and falling. At this time, you may wish to laser laser cutting metal hook, not only look good and easy to use.

  1.the door hook

  The use of laser cutting machine in stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal sheet cut hollow shape of the hook, the flower shape controlled by the computer program, a molding, bending and polishing or paint can be used directly, without welding, drilling-free drilling. Of course, you can also laser-cut the door hook binding on the wood and other decorations, changing the style of ornaments, to achieve better decorative effect.

  2.drawer hook

  Cute and simple laser hollowing process, exquisite processing, interesting appearance, very creative, both practical and aesthetic function.

  3.paste type hook

  If you do not care about drilling and pasting, but also want to hook with decorative, this is no problem! The laser cutter also makes it easy to create adhesive and drill hooks that can be used for walls and corners to take full advantage of every inch of home space. Magical laser cutting machine, always bring convenience to household items, creating a sense of life beauty.

  So, why designers love laser cutting technology, it has what characteristics?

  Good results: laser cutting is used "non-contact processing", will not crush the workpiece. And the incision is smooth, no burr, compared to the traditional processing can be directly lost deburring process.

  Automation: Laser cutting is automatic with the matching of CNC system. Only need to import the graphics of the machined workpiece into the special cutting software, or draw the picture directly through the software, you can simply cut out the sample to be designed.

  Easy to operate: Compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting process is simple. Without a lot of labor, by the people machine, equipment work.

  Laser cutting, giving each hook precision, creative hook every shape; linked storage, keep every inch of space, landscaping every detail of home.