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Laser marking machine in the mobile phone industry has broad prospects for application

  Laser marking machine has been applied to many industries, product marking them, the mobile phone manufacturing industry is no exception, today Jinbo Fang laser Xiaobian to everyone are very familiar with the iphone Apple mobile phone as an example to explain the next mobile laser marking machine , 5, 5s, 6, recently released in the Apple since the advent of 8. Each iphone product basically has a laser marking machine to deal with the figure, such as the iphone5 phone shell, IC, metal conductive bits, there are engraved with unique content of two-dimensional code to prevent the imitation of counterfeit products. Then look at the back of the Apple phone there is a manufacturer and serial number area of the black font, a look similar to the ink printed on the feeling. But in fact neither the ink code, nor is it silk screen. That's right, it's also laser-processed, and the case for the Apple phone is aluminum oxide, commonly known as aluminum oxide.
  A mobile phone, there are laser marking the shadow everywhere, such as: Logo marking, cell phone case, cell phone battery, cell phone jewelry marking, etc., even inside the phone you can not see, there are parts laser marking.

  Traditional methods are the use of silk screen printed on the appearance of silk screen ink flavor, not fine enough, difficult to follow the color, print less than ideal, and the use of silk screen printing ink composition is a heavy metal chemical elements, and now all businesses are designated to use low carbon environmental protection The new technology, mobile phones using laser marking this permanent mark, can improve the anti-counterfeiting ability, but also increase the added value of the product looks higher grade, more sense of the brand.
  With the development of the times and the demand of market application, the past silk screen printing process has been gradually replaced by the laser marking machine. Laser marking has been used as a modern precision processing method, which is compatible with the traditional processing such as printing, mechanical scribing and EDM Method, compared with the unparalleled advantage. Laser marking machine with maintenance-free, high flexibility, high reliability, especially for fineness, depth, smoothness demanding areas, not only the Apple mobile phones, many domestic brands of mobile phones have strict requirements on the mark, To achieve the best results!
  Personal electronic products, represented by mobile phones, are greatly changing and facilitating the lives of people. Functionalization, intelligence and dexterity and beauty are the directions for the development of mobile phones. With the technological progress of the microelectronics industry and the pursuit of personalization of the mobile phone, the fine laser marking technology will play an increasingly important role in the manufacture of mobile phones. At the same time, lasers are also driving the development of other microelectronics manufacturing related industries. Brocade square laser laser marking machine production is also more and more used in mobile phones and other fine marking processing needs of the industry.