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Laser marking machine routine maintenance

Consumers: You laser marking machine usually do not need any attention to daily use.

Technician: This is the following points need to pay attention to:

1. Equipment supply voltage must be the standard civilian voltage standard 220V, power supply socket must take the ground.

2. Switch the device in order to press, first open the main switch, the computer boot, open the software, and then press the galvanometer switch - red switch - laser switch, turn off the contrary.

3. Because we laser marking machine usually use no supplies, but because of the nature of the laser spot, so we require colleagues in the production process must wear protective glasses.

4. Because of the different types of laser, their wavelength is not the same, so there are individual laser (co2) can have a role in human skin, so we require the operation of such lasers, the human skin should not be exposed to our laser processing range.

5. When the laser power is too large, we will use the water-cooled way to help the laser cooling, so the water tank, the best use of distilled water to ensure the purity of water, because the water in the water tank in general 1 to 2 months after its replace.

6. Field mirror surface to pay attention to clean, after the shutdown can be wiped with a mirror cloth, wipe finished with a dust cover after the cover.

7. Place the equipment where it is necessary to avoid moisture and direct sunlight.