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Laser marking machine vibration lens dismantling instructions of routine maintenance

  Laser marking machine maintenance, vibration lens disassembling tutorial.Laser marking machine to use after a period of time, there may be schwab laser marking machine can't normal marking, or no problem such as light, after our carefully screening, discovery is vibration shot out of the question.
  At this time we need to remove the galvanometer, send to the manufacturer or the specified maintenance to do maintenance, after maintenance.Also need to install the galvanometer, this article is mainly from remove the galvanometer and installing galvanometer to write two ways.
Remove the galvanometer steps are as follows:
1, in the case of assure full power to open a header into the electric power line connection, if some styles do not have this joint can be ignored.
2, split off the mirror, and make protection and built, operating process, fingers and other any items can not collision to mirror, especially the lens.
3, the use of hardware tools, usually for an internal Angle pickpockets, unscrewed the marking head, careful, in case the outside shell is removed by driving plate connected to a galvanometer, prevent pulling force.
4, unplug all wires, power lines, signal lines, the line motor to the driver board.
5, remove the driver board and packaging, and then remove the Y motor, and X motor, and pay attention to pack.Will drive plate and bundled up X and Y motor, then it's off to remove the galvanometer task, you can send to repair.
Install the galvanometer steps are as follows:
1, the first installation and X Y motor motor, and ensure that any Angle under the condition of the two can't crash into each other as well.
2, two driver board is installed.
3, even after all the attachment, test and debug vibration motor Angle and depth of the lens, to ensure that the final laser output center as the center of the field lens.
4, clear up the attachment and tidy up the length of the wire, etc., all the lid on the header box again.
5, good external connection wires, can restart, the laser printer galvanometer installation is completed.