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Laser marking technology to help home appliances industry efficiency transition

  November 28, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, drinking water appliances and Haier, the United States, AO Smith, Angel, Amway, Wan and other members of the unit to visit the laborers laborers laser research visit to understand the appliance marking technology and technology, and Laser marking technology in the appliance industry prospects.

  At present, China's consumer electronics market is in the consumer upgrade phase, can save labor time, improve the quality of life of home appliances began to enter a large number of families, household appliances in China continue to increase the amount of urban and rural residents in recent years continued hot water purifier is the most An obvious example.

  With the continuous increase of the total amount of household appliances in the whole society, the marking technology and the environmental protection level of the household appliance parameter label also arouse the attention of the industry. It is understood that the traditional parameters of household electrical appliances usually PET, PVC, coated paper and other materials, the need to make, and then manually paste to the body, not only paste inefficient, but also easy to be torn tags, stickers partial, drum Bubble, etc., need to consume a large number of labels and other supplies. This marking method consumables high cost, not environmentally friendly, at the same time need to increase manpower and production time.

  According to the person in charge of laser laborers, laser marking technology has unparalleled advantages compared with the traditional marking techniques such as screen printing, inkjet printing, bronzing, and label paper: the laser marking speed can not match the traditional marking process, which greatly improves the Processing efficiency; laser marking patterns and words clearly, never wear, the lines can even reach the millimeter to microns, with a strong anti-counterfeit features; laser marking machine is non-contact processing, the thermal impact reached a minimum To avoid the deformation of processing materials; laser marking machine has no consumables, no environmental pollution, a forming and other advantages for the enterprise effectively reduce production costs and environmental pollution risks.

  The official said that in the home appliance industry in the context of transformation and upgrading of consumer demand for home appliances to enhance the quality of the state appliance manufacturing process to enhance environmental protection, the appliance industry urgently needs a take into account product quality and environmental protection of the new type of marking solution. Huagong Laser provides customized solutions for various appliance manufacturers to meet not only their requirements for product quality and environmental protection, but also the high efficiency of marking and the input of no consumable materials in the later period, which makes the production line more efficient and tidy. The problem of rising costs, automated marking program also greatly reduces the business manpower burden. "As a company with 46 years of laser technology accumulation, Huagong Laser has strong R & D capability and technical strength, and now with Haier, the United States, Gree and other home appliance giants have a lot of cooperation projects."

  The person in charge further said that the China Household Electrical Appliances Association Water Electric Special Committee not only provides a platform for business and business exchanges, but also integrate the resources of all parties to seek common solutions for enterprises better solutions, give full play to the resources advantages of the Association The survey visit to laborers lasers closer attention to the development trend of home appliance water purification industry and is committed to providing assistance for the development of China's home appliance industry.