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Laser marking - the new technology to subvert the medical industry

  In the medical industry, the identification code is mainly reflected in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment. As the inkjet marking method is easy to fall off caused by tampering, but also often because of paint containing toxic substances and environmental pollution and other factors do not meet the medical industry safety standards. In this environment, the medical industry in urgent need of a product management is conducive to safe and environmentally friendly processing products to prevent bad businessmen will be mixed with medical products into the hospital endangering human health. Therefore, the use of "non-contact" processing, green, anti-off a new generation of marking methods laser marking - to subvert the medical industry's new technology.

1.Laser marking to bring benefits to the medical industry

Laser marking for the physical removal of processing methods, hit out the product logo is not easy to wear, can not be changed, with a strong anti-counterfeiting and uniqueness, easy to achieve a "one medicine one yard" for medical products manufacturers brought great the benefits of. It is perfect with the medical device product traceability system, you can maximize the safety and control of the product to avoid the product was tampered with the phenomenon.

2.Application of Laser Marking in Drugs

Laser Coding Equipment can be easily in the kit or drug packaging on the two-dimensional code and drug monitoring of the marking, to help the product trace the source, with authenticity, traceability. Through the laser marking out of the drug supervision, to help drug monitoring departments to fully monitor the production factory, circulation, transportation, savings, distribution and other processes.

3.Application of laser marking in medical equipment

The use of laser marking machine in the stainless steel surgery and dental equipment and other medical equipment on the mark, easier to read, after numerous disinfection and cleaning of the mark is still clearly visible, and can effectively prevent the bacteria stick to the surface of the equipment.